Die Prinzen: This is how the band celebrates their 30th anniversary

The princes
The band is celebrating their 30th anniversary

The princes are reporting back.

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The princes celebrate their anniversary. Fans can look forward to new music. A single will be released in January and an album in May.

Die Prinzen ("Küssen Verboten") are releasing a new single for their 30th band anniversary: ​​"You may be allowed to do anything" will be released on January 29th, followed by the album "Krone der Schöpfung" on May 21st. "We have a very broad spectrum, but I believe that our success also has to do with poise. It is important to be able to do three harmonies, but it is much more important to tell about something that no one else has said before," explains Sebastian Krumbiegel (54) in a statement about the new single the philosophy and the secret of the band's success.

"The song," says Krumbiegel, "is also an invitation to discourse. We have always seen ourselves as a band that polarizes on the one hand, but on the other, promotes looking for common ground, approaching each other and being integrative." Working on the single was unusual for the band. "Initially in video conferences," reveals Tobias Künzel (56), "later in small groups, with the appropriate hygiene measures, in the studio".

Successful career

In their long career, the princes, consisting of Sebastian Krumbiegel, Tobias Künzel, Wolfgang Lenk (54), Jens Sembdner (54), Henri Schmidt (53), Mathias Dietrich (56) and Alexander "Ali" Zieme (49), have one Won a number of awards, from the "German Music Prize" to the double "Echo". The band has released eleven albums and sold six million records.