Died at the age of 88: For legend Bill Russell, NBA goes historic

Died at the age of 88
NBA goes historic for legend Bill Russell

The number “6” tells a very special story in the NBA. It’s the story of Bill Russell, the most successful player in league history. In honor of the basketball icon who has just passed away, the NBA has decided to take an unprecedented step.

After the death of American basketball legend Bill Russell, the NBA no longer wants to assign his jersey number six in the league in the future. This unprecedented decision is intended to honor Russell’s life and legacy, the NBA and the NBPA announced on Thursday. The most successful NBA professional in history died at the end of July at the age of 88.

“Bill Russell’s unprecedented success on the court and as a pioneer of the civil rights movement deserves a unique and historic tribute,” said NBA Commissioner Adam Silver. By retiring Russell’s number six jersey, his “outstanding career” will be remembered forever. In addition, the league wants to commemorate Russell with several campaigns in the upcoming 2022/23 season. All players should wear a badge on their jerseys, and a number six logo should be visible next to the scoreboards in the halls.

Russell was one of the greatest and most influential basketball players. Between 1957 and 1969 he won the NBA championship eleven times with the Boston Celtics – more times than any other player. He also became the first black head coach to win two titles with the Celtics. On and off the field, Russell has repeatedly campaigned for the fight against racism and demonstrated with Martin Luther King, among others. In 1961 he boycotted a game to draw attention to racial discrimination against blacks in basketball.

Players like superstar LeBron James (Los Angeles Lakers), who currently wear the 6, do not have to give their number. However, there will be no further awards in the future. Most teams have been doing this for a long time. For example, the Dallas Mavericks will no longer wear a 41 worn by German superstar Dirk Nowitzki. With the Chicago Bulls, Michael Jordan’s 23 is no longer awarded. Only the Los Angeles Clippers and the Toronto Raptors have all numbers available so far.

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