Diet: Which summer delicacies are real fattening foods?

Grilled food, ice cream and cocktails are simply part of the summer. However, real fattening foods are hidden behind the delicacies.

A little refreshment here, an enjoyable barbecue evening there – and the scales show numbers that you would rather not have seen. Which delicacies are real fattening foods? And what are the alternatives?

Grilled meat

For many barbecue fans, a mild summer evening and heating up the grill simply belong together. However, care should be taken when selecting the food to be grilled: sausages and steaks contain a number of calories. There are around 300 calories in 100 grams of sausage, and around 190 calories in 100 grams of pork neck steak. Poultry pieces and fish are much lighter and healthier, as are grilled vegetables in the form of eggplant, zucchini or peppers.

Tomato and mozzarella salad

Grill buffets are often accompanied by salads. But anyone who thinks they are on the healthy side with the classic tomato and mozzarella platter is wrong. Italian cheese contains a lot of fat and therefore around 280 calories per 100 grams. Light products with less fat are a good alternative, but the popular side dish should be consumed in moderation.


A hot summer day without ice cream is hard to imagine? Anyone who knows the nutritional values ​​of frozen refreshment may want to reconsider this opinion. Because the values ​​of the common varieties and brands are usually always over 200 calories per 100 grams. Refined with whipped cream, fruit sauce or chocolate sprinkles, ice cream is a real fattening food. Homemade water ice cream or sorbet achieve the same refreshing effect, but are much healthier with pureed fruits, water and agave syrup.

Iced tea and soft drinks

Speaking of refreshment: Adequate hydration is extremely important on hot days. Here, however, you should not only resort to purchased iced tea or soft drinks that are full of sugar. Water is the healthy alternative. If you don't want to forego some taste, you can refine it with fruits such as lemons, limes or raspberries. You can also make healthy iced tea yourself at home. Simply put a couple of tea bags in the appropriate amount of cold water and let them steep for several hours.


Whether wine, beer or cocktail: Alcoholic temptations lure almost every corner in summer. Those who regularly look too deeply into the glass may not only regret it the next morning, but also when they look at the scales. For example, a 0.2 liter glass of white wine contains around 140 calories, a 0.3 liter portion of Radler around 130 calories, and half a liter of wheat beer around 250 calories. Long drinks and cocktails are even more important, especially creamy-sweet variants such as a pina colada with around 300 calories per glass.