Dieter Bohlen back at “DSDS”: He didn’t watch an episode with Florian Silbereisen

Dieter Bohlen back at “DSDS”
He didn’t watch an episode with Florian Silbereisen

Dieter Bohlen is back on the “DSDS” jury.

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He was with “DSDS” for 18 years. After a break, Dieter Bohlen returns. Now he revealed why he didn’t watch the Silbereisen episodes.

It’s the most spectacular TV comeback of the year: Dieter Bohlen (68) returns to the jury of the RTL casting show for the final season of “Deutschland sucht den Superstar”. In an interview with the magazine “Exclusive” Bohlen now spoke about his return and also gave an emotional insight into his mental life after his end before the last season. Florian Silbereisen (40) took over the chief jury seat, which Bohlen did not follow on TV – “not a second”.

When asked why he didn’t watch the episodes with his successor Silbereisen, Bohlen replies: “Yes, that just hurts. I’m being completely honest, and I watch a show like that that you did for 18 years better not.” He would have used his “DSDS” break to recharge and reflect. “All of a sudden, this pressure was gone. This pressure to look at the ratings on Sunday mornings,” reports Bohlen. That was a burden. He just sees certain things differently after his break, more relaxed.

Dieter Bohlen: It wasn’t a financial decision

For example, he didn’t understand that he came across as tough as a juror. He doesn’t want to be that hard, but will also “bend zero”. The decision to make his comeback was not a financial one either: “There are people who would have paid more.” For him it was “a matter of the heart, it was a purely emotional decision”. “I wanted my team, I want these people,” said Bohlen.

Everyone is motivated to the max. Personally, he is curious to see how his TV comeback will continue in general. He is not just limited to “DSDS”, together with RTL they also want to do new things.


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