Dieter Bohlen: DSDS comeback for jury veterans – that’s why RTL brings him back


Pop titan Dieter Bohlen was the face of “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” – until RTL no longer wanted the quick-witted Dieter. For this reason, the station is now bringing its mascot back.

RTL would have liked to saw Dieter Bohlen permanently, but cannot sell his casting formats without the pop titan’s sayings. Consequently, Dieter is now returning to the private broadcaster. (Source: TVNOW / Stefan Gregorowius)

  • RTL brings Dieter Bohlen back to the jury of “Deutschland sucht den Superstar”.
  • From 2002 until his departure in 2021, Bohlen was actually an integral part of the casting show.
  • After the format weakened in the quota with softer tones from the jury, the rowdy pop titan is in demand again.

When RTL 2021 surprisingly announced the end of jury veteran Dieter Bohlen on “DSDS”, doubters were immediately raised: would the now aged casting format get by without the legendary music producer’s unmistakably North German verbal insults?

Now it seems clear: “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” works without Dieter Bohlen – but it doesn’t go well. Accordingly, the “DSDS” home broadcaster RTL has repaired the seemingly broken bridges to Modern Talking founder Bohlen and is bringing the riot judges back on board.

“DSDS”: RTL wanted without Dieter – but apparently can’t

Originally, RTL probably wanted to undergo an image cure and free itself from the biting men’s joke and the patriarchal aura of Dieter Bohlen, instead fitting better into the times with the younger and gentler Florian Silbereisen. Bohlen was also no longer seen in the “Das Supertalent” casting format in 2021.

Apparently, this experiment failed: after the Bohlen-Aus, the “DSDS” rates went down, “Das Supertalent” disappeared completely. Apparently, RTL saw no other way out than to make representations to Dieter again. So Bohlen will probably return to the jury for the next season of the casting show – but according to “Bild” information, he will receive less money than before.

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