Dieter Bohlen: The jury for "DSDS" continues with three people

Michael Wendler's place on "DSDS" remains vacant: Dieter Bohlen announces that the jury of the casting show will continue with three people.

After Michael Wendler's (48) surprising exit, his place in the "DSDS" jury remains vacant. Dieter Bohlen (66), Maite Kelly (40) and Mike Singer (20) sit in threes at the jury desk during the show. Bohlen said on Instagram: "I don't want to keep you tortured anymore. The three of us continue." The harmony among the jurors is perfect: "What is the point if someone new comes in from outside? He doesn't know the candidates."

Bohlen not sad about Wendler's departure

After Michael Wendler announced his "DSDS" exit last week, the pop titan also spoke up in a short video on Instagram. No trace of regret. The "bad, bad Wendler" is now gone, said Bohlen and quoted the words of his mother by his own account: "The biggest problems often take care of themselves."

Michael Wendler had previously announced: "I will retire as a juror with immediate effect from participating in the 'DSDS' show." It is a decision that he made himself. The singer then spread conspiracy theories about the corona crisis.