Dieter Wedel: Suspected victim Jany Tempel starts appeal for donations

It is still unclear whether there will be a trial in the Dieter Wedel case. Nevertheless, the alleged victim Jany Tempel is now collecting donations.

The actress Jany Tempel (51) goes unusual ways: On the charity page "GoFundMe" the alleged victim of Dieter Wedel (80) started a fundraising campaign to cover his legal fees for a possible trial against the well-known director and filmmaker. The 51-year-old accuses Wedel of having been raped by him in the 1990s. At the moment the costs would already amount to 70,000 euros.

In the reason for her appeal for donations, Tempel continues: "Since the investigations are still going on after two and a half years and the trial is only imminent, it is very difficult to estimate what the coming costs will be." She is fighting this fight not for herself, but "for Germany – for all of you. For victims of sexual violence and abuse of power. For our children. For a better world."

Wedel has denied the allegations for years

The actress got the ball rolling in an article in "Zeit-Magazin" in 2018. There she claimed that Wedel had forced her to have sex in a hotel in Munich during the casting for a film in 1996. The local public prosecutor's office thereupon started the investigation, which continues to this day. It has not yet been announced whether the filmmaker will actually be charged or whether the proceedings will be terminated. Other women also publicly stated that Wedel had sexually abused or molested them.

Since then Wedel himself has vehemently rejected all allegations made against him. In an interview with the "Bild" newspaper, he indicated that he was even glad that the preliminary investigation had opened against him: "I trust the public prosecutor." Even before the allegations became known, Wedel presented himself as a victim of sexism in an interview with the radio station FFH in 2017. He has not been alone in the auditorium for many years. The danger is too great that women will claim after rejections that he has harassed them.

Celebrities also support Jany Tempel

By Friday noon, Tempel had already collected almost 30,000 euros via "GoFundMe". Your goal is a total of 50,000 euros. Some celebrities are among the more than 60 donors. Among other things, the name of the former kidnapping victim Natascha Kampusch (32) can be read there. The actors Jasmin Tabatabai (53), Tina Ruhland (53) and Claus Theo Gärtner (77) as well as director Simon Verhoeven (48) allegedly support Tempel with a donation.

However, due to the possibility of unchecked naming, it is not conclusively certain whether the respective celebrities are actually behind the donations. Among the numerous smaller donations of around 100 euros is an anonymous large donation of 20,000 euros.