Digital vaccination record starts – what you need to know about the important document

It starts on Thursday !: Digital vaccination certificate starts – what you need to know about the important document

Those who have recovered, tested and vaccinated should now be able to digitally store their evidence. This is intended to make traveling within the EU much easier in particular. But the digital document also has many advantages in everyday life. In Germany, the digital vaccination certificate is valid from Thursday (June 10th). We’ll tell you where to get the digital form.

The start of the digital corona vaccination pass in Germany is getting closer. The function has already been activated via an update (version 2.3.2.) In the Corona warning app. In addition, Germany has developed the digital health certificate “CovPass”, the corresponding app should go online by Thursday at the latest – and be available via the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store.

The yellow vaccination card and the printed vaccination certificate are still valid.

Is the digital vaccination certificate the corona warning app?

The digital vaccination pass (actually EU health certificate) is part of the Corona warning app. Anyone who has not installed the program on their smartphone can download the digital health certificate via the “CovPass” app, which will be valid throughout Europe.

There – just like in the Corona warning app – all vaccinated, recovered or tested German citizens can save their certificates in digital form. The digital vaccination certificate can be called up in Germany on smartphones and tablets.

Who issues the digital certificate?

Vaccination centers, general practitioners, health authorities, hospitals and pharmacies should issue the digital certificate at the start. Those who have already been fully vaccinated will then receive a QR code on presentation of their identity card and vaccination certificate (or their yellow vaccination card). Those affected then have to store this in the app – thereby creating their personal digital health certificate.

In principle, the subsequent issue should also take place where those affected have been vaccinated.

Can I get the digital vaccination card in every pharmacy?

At the start, only a few pharmacies will probably take part in the project. But that should change gradually.

“The best way to bring proof of vaccination to people is through the pharmacy network close to home,” says Thomas Dittrich, Chairman of the German Pharmacists’ Association (DAV). Pharmacies that want to take part must register on the DAV association portal.

German citizens will also find the participating pharmacies from June 14th “”.

Who will get the digital certificate?

All EU citizens have a right to the digital EU health certificate. You must have recovered, vaccinated, or tested.

  • As “recovered“apply to German citizens whose positive PCR test result can be proven to have been a maximum of 180 days (six months) ago.
  • As “fully vaccinated“apply to German citizens who have received a vaccination after a proven corona infection or who have received full vaccination protection through the vaccines Astrazeneca, BioNTech, Moderna or Johnson & Johnson. In both cases, the final vaccination must be 14 days ago. The vaccines Cansino, Curavec , Novavax, Sinovac Sinopharm and Sputnik V are currently not approved in the EU. Anyone who has been vaccinated with these vaccines needs an additional negative corona test when entering and leaving an EU member state.
  • As “tested“applies to all travelers who can present a current and negative rapid antigen test before departure. In the case of a PCR test, the test period must not be older than 72 hours before departure.

The certificate is valid throughout Europe from July 1, 2021.

I don’t have a printer, a PC or a smartphone – what applies to me?

The vaccination certificate and the yellow vaccination card are still valid as proof. It is possible that those affected can print out the certificate at a later point in time or load it on the PC. However, according to the current status, this is not possible.

Is the yellow vaccination card still valid?

For the time being, travelers can easily travel with the classic yellow vaccination card. It is still accepted across Europe as long as the vaccination is shown in English on the document.

However, the yellow vaccination card is not considered to be particularly secure and more and more forged evidence is appearing on the Internet. The pressure for a secure solution is therefore becoming louder in politics. As a result, the digital certificate could at least replace the yellow vaccination card when traveling.

What does the EU health certificate bring me?

The digital document is a type of digital ID. It is an important certificate so that German citizens can move around the EU without restrictions. At the same time, those who have recovered and who have been vaccinated are put on an equal footing with those who have been tested. So if you have not yet received a vaccination, you can still travel – but you will need an additional rapid antigen test.

Vaccination, proof of recovery and the latest rapid antigen or PCR test are stored in the digital health certificate. If the evidence is uploaded, the certificate creates a QR code that is scanned upon entry – either by machine or by a security officer.

The EU relies on a traffic light procedure. If the green light appears when scanning, the certificate is valid and the person is allowed to travel. If a red light appears, the test evidence has expired or the second vaccination is missing.

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What data is hidden in the QR code and what happens to my data?

The QR code shows the owner’s name and date of birth. In addition, the code also contains information on vaccinations, recoveries and testing. When was the owner vaccinated, tested and when was he ill? Who has the proof of where and when issued it? In addition, the vaccine and vaccination batch are also hidden behind the code.

As the press office of the EU Commission explains on request, all personal data is only stored on the mobile device. Airport employees should only be able to check whether the traveler really has a valid certificate and is allowed to enter or leave the country. Employees should not be able to see whether travelers have been vaccinated, tested or recovered.

What documents do I need when traveling?

To prevent attempted fraud, travelers must show the digital health certificate along with their identification documents. In many cases this should happen at the check-in. Some countries can carry out additional checks at the security checkpoint or at the gate.

Since the outbreak of the Corona crisis, so-called entry forms have also been used in many countries. Travelers have to register in advance and leave their contact details when they are on vacation. In an emergency, they should then be informed of a possible hotspot outbreak.

I am not vaccinated – do I still need the digital vaccination certificate?

If you want to go on vacation and have neither been vaccinated nor recovered, you need a negative test. The digital certificate therefore also applies here, because the result must be stored when traveling.

German citizens receive their test certificates downloaded directly onto their mobile phones and can use them to travel within the EU without any problems – there is no quarantine requirement.

Where can I travel with the digital vaccination card?

The digital health certificate is valid in the 27 member states of the European Union, in the entire European Economic Area and in Switzerland.

Specifically, this applies to the following countries: Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Sweden, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Cyprus, Iceland (EEA), Liechtenstein (EEA), Norway (EEA) and Switzerland.

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What applies to trips to Turkey, Russia, Israel and Co.?

Quarantine is still mandatory for trips outside the EU. Travel destinations can also set up PCR tests and special rules for those who have not been vaccinated or who have not recovered.

However, if travelers want to travel to the EU, they need the digital certificate.

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