Dinah’s last poignant message to her mother before her suicide

As National Anti-Bullying Day approaches, the last words of Dinah, who committed suicide at the age of 14, resonate especially. The teenager committed suicide on the night of October 4 to 5 after two years of bullying at school.

Dinah was a young girl from 14 years old, educated at the Emile Zola college in Kingersheim, near Mulhouse, in Alsace. But the ordinary life of the teenager would have switched to 4th grade, when she was doing her coming out with her group of friends. The ordeal would then have started on social networks, via a WhatsApp group created by her comrades to make fun of her. Insults are raining down: “dirty lesbian”,“dirty mestizo”,“Dirty race”… The cyberstalking would then have materialized between the walls of the college where she would have been physically abused.

Following this harassment lesbophobic and racist, Dinah tries to commit suicide for the first time, in March 2021. She then receives letters in which it is written “On the second attempt, you won’t fail. We hope that you will kill yourself and that you will manage to die“, as reported by the victim’s brother, Rayan.

A teenager driven to suicide

Despite this climate of oppression, the young teenager succeeds in obtaining her diploma with honors and changes establishment for her passage to high school. While she was beginning to rebuild herself, Dinah would have met her harassers again in the high school canteen, common to several structures. This meeting would have occurred a few days before her suicide: the young girl put an end to her suffering on the night of October 4 to 5, her mother declaring to have found her hanged in her room.

Faced with this drama, Dinah’s family accuses the college where the girl was educated from “negligence”And to have“close your eyes” on the harassment she suffered within the establishment. The victim’s mother, Samira Gonthier, claims that the educational body was aware of the bullying suffered by his daughter and that he nevertheless remained inactive: “They never took anything seriously, nothing. […] The faculty did nothing for my daughter. He told me that it was banalities between girlfriends “. Pointing out this failure, the relatives of the victim decided to file a complaint against the college.

Of the last prophetic exchanges

During these years of bullying at school, Dinah’s relatives did everything to accompany him and protect her at best : confrontation with the harassers, attempts at mediation with the school, meeting with a psychologist, intra-family dialogues …

Unlike many tragic stories related to bullying in school, the dialogue was not broken between Dinah and her family, who were aware of the teenager’s psychological state, but who, despite this, could not avoid a passage to the fatal act. A dialogue and a confidence that had until then been preserved, as evidenced by the last exchanges between Dinah and her mother, Samira Gonthier, published on Twitter this Sunday, November 14.

Dinah’s last messages let shine through a deeply depressed state, programmatic of his suicide. She writes : “The days become entangled and gradually form an endless loop […] I don’t want to see absolutely anyone; lie down somewhere, and never get up. I don’t want to talk to anyone; keep quiet to face the sad and monotonous silence.

Faced with this cry of despair, Dinah’s mother showed herself magnetic, protective and reassuring as to its future: “Your zest for life will return over time even if it is long and hard to believe. I know that you are a strong person and that you will get there. Don’t forget that I am your mom and always there to defend you against all odds. ” As a commentary on these last intimate exchanges, Samira Gonthier shares her feeling of failure and helplessness faced with the trap of harassment which had closed itself on his daughter in an irreversible way.

A day of mobilization against school bullying

Following this tragedy, those close to Dinah insisted on speak and mobilize to denounce the dangers of school harassment and the disengagement of educational system in these cases, whether on social networks or during a commemorative white march organized on Sunday, October 24 in Mulhouse.

In France, a day of mobilization to fight against bullying at school is scheduled for Thursday, November 18. Remember that since January 2021, 19 children died following an experience of bullying at school. A parliamentary report published in October 2020 revealed that 5 to 6% of students in France are victims, potentially 700,000 children.

These figures highlight the extent to which the dialogue and the sensitization danger of bullying are necessary, whether at the level educative Where intra-family. As parents, some signs may alert you: symptoms physical such as loss of appetite, insomnia or the onset of behavioral disturbances, but also psychological unusual like anxiety, loneliness, sadness.

If you feel helpless, Do not hesitate to ask for help : you can contact the 3020, the listening and support number for families and victims, which is a free number. You can also turn to associations such as Fondation France, Hugo !, Marion La Main Tendue or Les Papillons.

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