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Do you still need inspiration for beautiful dining room decorations? We have put together stylish ideas for you!

The dining room is so much more than a place to eat: it is a meeting place and a place of enjoyment rolled into one. Here we come together to eat, chat and laugh together. We don’t need a stylish room like in a hip restaurant in the It district, but we should feel really comfortable! And decoration makes a big contribution to the ambience. From wall design to lighting, you will find suitable tips and inspiration here.

Wall design in the dining room

Bare and colorless walls can quickly appear uncomfortable and cool. Of course, the wall design is also a matter of taste! Yellow puts you in a good mood and makes you think positively and orange brings freshness and joie de vivre into the room. But not everyone can make friends with such an intense color.

Green and blue radiate harmony and naturalness and can have a calming effect – a good alternative to yellow and orange. Other suitable colors for the dining room are, for example. Sand colors or beige, they bring calm, brightness and warmth in the room.

Dining room decoration: dining room with table and chairs

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Those who absolutely cannot use paint on walls leave them white. It can look cold, but with accessories in warm colors and / or furniture like this, e.g. B. made of wood, you counter this skillfully.

Here you can find more inspiration for wall design in the kitchen.

Pictures and wall decorations

Not only color, but also other wall decoration ideas transform the dining area into an oasis of well-being. You can do this with a Picture wall set up with personal photos or with other works such as posters and art prints. It is also cozy with original wall lights or objects, such as butterflies made of metal, (self-knotted) Macrame or wall plate.

Another eye catcher is a greater mirrors, either above the dining table or above the buffet, which reflects the daylight and allows the room to continue to work. With a chic frame made of gold or silver, it really looks great!

A little thing that has a big impact: plants! Put green in the dining room and it will be much more homely. It doesn’t have to be a huge monstera, succulents or other potted plants also quickly create comfort.

Dining room decoration: dining room with plant decoration

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Decorate the dining table

The dining table is often the fulcrum of the room and therefore requires special attention. A seasonal design is ideal for the table decoration (e.g. for Easter, table decoration in autumn or Christmas table decoration). A certain motto also conjures up flair in the room, how about a fresh, summery maritime table decoration?

The following dining table decoration always works, regardless of the season:

Dining room decoration: dining table with tablecloth and flower vases

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Which flowers?

If you want to decorate your table with beautiful flowers, you can choose between a bouquet, individual flowers or the currently popular dried flowers. What moves in with you, of course, depends on your taste! Roses are a classic and always look elegant, hydrangeas, on the other hand, are lush and playful, sunflowers bring summer to the table and amaryllis are used for winter decorations.

Vintage or country house ambience in the dining room

Ideas for vintage in the dining room

Vintage has been a trend in interior design that has been going on for years. Furniture that was manufactured between 1920 and 1980 is referred to as vintage. These older pieces, which used to be considered old-fashioned, are now being recognized and valued again, not least because of their craftsmanship and the often high-quality materials. Not all furniture comes from an earlier decade, but is new and trimmed for vintage. For example, you can create a used look with shabby chic yourself.

Make shabby chic yourself: room with bed, desk, chair and large flower pot in shabby chic look

So the term vintage is broad, what does it mean to you? A table in a shabby chic look, a tile table from the 1980s or a sideboard from the 1950s? Instead of designing the entire dining room or the dining area in the kitchen in vintage style, you can also set a highlight with a special piece. A well-preserved kitchen buffet, perhaps in a new color, is a real eye-catcher! But also in the smaller, z. B. with cocktail chairs or a lace tablecloth you create a nice connection between old and new style.

Country style ideas

Natural materials such as wood, natural stone, ceramics and clay are decisive for the country house style. Depending on the direction, the style is different, filigree carvings are not uncommon in the French look, while the Scandinavian look is minimalist, the American, on the other hand, relies on heavy and dark pieces of furniture. The country house style also includes linen and cotton, as well as rattan and glass. Floral designs are also indispensable! How do I create my dining room decoration in a country house style?

Here are a few suggestions:

Dining room decoration: Country-style kitchen

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Also not to be neglected is the lighting in the dining room (just like in any other room). Ceiling lighting ensures brightness throughout the room, and a hanging lamp is a nice complementary option for the dining table. This light should be bright enough, but not dazzle (i.e. hang about 60 cm above the table top)! If there is no connection directly above the dining table, a stylish arc lamp will do the same.

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