Director Lars von Trier suffers from Parkinson’s disease

The Danish director believes he can carry out all his current projects while announcing that his public appearances will be much rarer.

Danish director Lars von Trier has Parkinson’s disease, his production company announced on Monday. “Lars is in good shape and is being treated for his symptoms”Zentropa said in a statement.

Inventor of “Dogma”, a cinematographic movement launched in 1995 which advocates a cinema in direct contact with reality, the 66-year-old Dane currently directs The Kingdom Exodusa new sequel to his series The Hospital and its Ghosts, slated for release by the end of the year. The production company clarified that it will end this new season “as expected”.

Heavyweight of Danish cinema, Lars von Trier is a controversial personality known for his provocative films and sometimes unbearable violence. In particular, he made MelancholiaNymphomaniac and The House that Jack built and received the Palme d’Or at Cannes in 2000 for his film Dancer in the Dark.

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