Disappearance of Delphine Jubillar: this secret investigation around Cédric which could change the game

Disappeared since December 2020, Delphine Jubillar remains completely untraceable and the instruction revolves around Cédric Jubillar, her ex-companion. But a new element could well change the situation.

Still not found, Delphine Jubillar is at the heart of a judicial investigation which led the provisional detention of her ex-husband, the plaster painter Cédric Jubilar. His lawyers have been struggling since then to get him out, and we learn that a very discreet investigation could give a new turn to events.

A very discreet study on the feasibility of placing Cédric Jubilar under electronic surveillance

After many twists and turns in the judicial investigation conducted by the two judges Coralyne Chartier and Audrey Assemat, Cédric Jubillar is expected for a fourth hearing at the Toulouse Judicial Court on September 23, which will undoubtedly concern the broken glasses of Delphine Jubillar found in his house. In the meantime, and without shouting it from the rooftops, the prison integration and probation service of the Seysses remand prison is examining the feasibility of placing Cédric Jubillar, 35, detained for 15 months in solitary confinement.

To do this, the SPIP departments have studied “the technical possibility” of such a measure in a house belonging to a relative of Cedric Jubillar in Occitania. It is a place kept secret, outside the department of Tarn and far from the main witnesses of this affair, as revealed by Here Toulouse and La Depêche. A new request for the release of Cédric Jubilar was filed on September 14 by his lawyers, although the latter would not be heard by the judges until the following week. SPIP’s response on the feasibility of the measure should not be forthcoming for several weeks. The release under electronic monitoring could give new impetus to the case, especially in the days and weeks following his release, mainly his internet connection and his links with the outside world.

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