Disappearance of Elena in Brest: these CCTV images which further thicken the mystery

New information concerning the disappearance of Elena in Brest was revealed by BFMTV, Wednesday February 1, 2023. CCTV images were found and these provide some answers.

Eléna Cluyou, 20, has not given any sign of life since the night of this Saturday January 28 to Sunday January 29, according to the Finistère national police. The young woman disappeared in Brest and a call for witnesses was quickly launched. After spending an evening in a nightclub on the quays, she gave no further news”, authorities said on Facebook. Research is continuing and new information has been revealed by BFM TV, this Wednesday, February 1. The last place visited by the young woman has been identified, can we first read. “This is the Recouvrance district, at the intersection of rue de la Porte and rue Saint-Exupéry, in Brest“, is it indicated. On CCTV images, located about twenty minutes walk from the nightclub, the student was seen at 6:42 a.m. on January 29 in the morning. The first elements of the investigation indicate that she had left around 5:30 a.m. Did she want to go home?

These CCTV images provide answers to investigators. On these, Eléna Cluyou walks alone along the tram line. She is dressed in a long black coat. “Research continues in this area, but not only, we brew wide“, explained a police source to BFM TV. “Three groups of the judicial police of Brest-Quimper and all the Brest police officers are mobilized, in search of elements that can allow us to locate her“, she clarified then, adding that the CCTV images “of the city, of the shops, of the tram… are analyzed“Regarding Elena Cluyou’s business, the teenager had her mobile phone on her but it did not bring any answers.”We can’t help the boundary, because it’s off“, can we read. At this stage, no track has been ruled out by the investigators. Was Eléna Cluyou kidnapped? Killed? Was she the victim of an accident? The young girl is she still alive?

Eléna Cluyou, a disappearance that worries more and more

Eléna Cluyou’s relatives are very worried and they are the ones who gave the alert very quickly. Seeing that the young girl did not return, they immediately went to the Brest police station to report her disappearance. In the call for witnesses, it is specified that the young woman was wearing “a khaki top, a black faux leather skirt and black ankle boots“. Regarding her physique, Eléna Cluyou has “brown hair and brown-green eyes. She measures 1m65“, can we then read. Anyone with information can contact the Brest judicial police service on 02 56 31 20 10 Where the Brest police station on 02 21 09 53 60. To date, the investigation is continuing.

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