Disappearance of Gaspard Ulliel: how many fatal accidents each year on the slopes?

The tragic accident suffered by actor Gaspard Ulliel is a painful reminder that ski slopes can be particularly dangerous in certain circumstances. Several deaths occur each year.

According to Domaines skiables de France, which represents professionals in the sector, around fifteen deaths are to be deplored each year. The number of interventions on the slopes for accidents is around 50,000, with an average of one injured each time.

Reported to the 8 million people who practice skiing or snowboarding, the statistics remain minimal, but each case is to be deplored.

Rules to follow on the slopes

It is therefore important to remember that there are rules on the slopes: the person upstream (the lowest) always has priority over the one arriving from the downstream (from above), a turn must not perform in the immediate vicinity of another skier (in order to avoid being surprised if he changes trajectory), a track must never be cut in its width to stop or fork, parking is done on one side and never under a break in slope (a descending skier cannot see what is behind him), headphones are strongly discouraged or speed must be controlled when approaching an intersection, in order to be able to check that another skier is not likely to run into you.

Finally, if wearing a helmet is compulsory only during ski lessons for children, this protection is widely recommended for everyone and all the time.

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