Disappearance of the Malaysia Airlines flight: who is Blaine Gibson, this “adventurer” who says he is capable of finding the remains of the plane? : Current Woman Le MAG

Friday March 8, 2024 marked the anniversary of a very sad event for all those concerned, directly or indirectly, by the disappearance of the famous Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777. Indeed, 10 years ago, on March 8, 2014, the whole world was wondering about what happened to the 227 passengers and 12 crew memberswhich since then seem to have evaporated. Even today, this story is considered “the greatest mystery in the history of aviation” by Malaysian Transport Minister Anthony Loke. The latter, during a meeting of victims’ families on Sunday March 3, 2024, notably mentioned his “determination” to find the device missing from the radars, but also the possibility of resuming searches. And on the occasion of this sad anniversary, RTL has, Thursday March 7, 2024 for its podcast Voices of Crimeinvited Ghyslain Wattrelos, one of the French people to have lost his wife and two children on the plane.

An astonishing meeting with Blaine Gibson

At the radio microphone, he thus recounted his meeting, to say the least surprising, with a person named Blaine Gibson, introducing himself as “an adventurer”, but also organizer of a trip in 2016 aimed at finding debris from the plane. Relatives of the families gathered around this man in Madagascar, in the hope of obtaining answers, other than the more or less rational theories which were already circulating at the time. “We identified that if there was debris that had fallen in Reunion and Mozambique, there must have been a lot of debris in Madagascar”explains Ghyslain Wattrelos, who also describes Blaine Gibson as an original person, who “dresses like the Raiders of the Lost Ark” (in other words Indiana Jones).

Blaine Gibson, true crook or seasoned adventurer?

When all the families are gathered in Madagascar around Blaine Gibson, a real expedition begins, and a rather well organized one, as Ghyslain Wattrelos recalls on RTL: “We split into three groups: the Chinese went with Blaine, the Malaysians went north, and I went south. And I give it to you in a thousand, who found a piece of debris? The ones who were with Blaine.” A real miracle or on the contrary a well-established scam? If the Frenchman doesn’t say it, he still expresses some doubts about the character and his findings, which are too good to be true. “He is a very lucky man because he goes to a beach for two hours, and he finds a piece of debris”he explains, ironically. Especially since nothing has ever been proven about the debris found. “For me, it’s a character who was planted with his debris”concludes the Frenchman.

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