discover his 3 best tips for gray hair (for a rejuvenating effect!)

Zazie celebrates her 60th birthday this Thursday, April 18. The opportunity for us to come back to his best tips for enhancing gray hair, ideal for a “rejuvenating” effect.

The singer and coach of The Voice celebrates its 60th anniversary this Thursday, April 18. A true icon of French song, author and composer for numerous artists, Zazie is also the first female artist to have been Honorary President of the Victoires de la Musique ceremony. In 2022, the singer creates a surprise by deciding to stop coloring her hair and displaying her natural gray hair. A gesture that she considers trivial and to which she gives little importance, as she explains on the set of the show C à vous: “There is a kind of planned obsolescence for overexposed women… Actresses complain about it too. There are crossings of the desert that we perhaps experience less in music since we are our own leaders – I compose and I write. Yes, appearing like that is not for me a punk gesture, nor a hyper-committed one. It turns out that it is, since plateau after plateau, people talk to me about it”.

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However, by stopping coloring her hair and thanks to her media exposure, Zazie proves that gray hair can be very trendy. Like Andie MacDowell, Sarah-Jessica Parker, Hilarie Burton, the star glamorizes gray hair and encourages many women to take the plunge and stop coloring for good. And because we are also very fans of the artist’s hair color, we invite you to discover 3 of his best tips for highlight your salt and pepper hair.

The bob cut: a perfect hairstyle to highlight gray hair

While she used to wear long hair, for several months now Zazie has displayed a square cut. The singer opted for a long bob, cut at the height of the collarbones and slightly layered on the mid-lengths. A trendy haircut that goes perfectly with her salt and pepper hair and compliments the oval of her face.

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As Zazie has rather fine hair, this type of haircut is ideal for highlighting it and boosting its volume. Very versatile, this bob can be styled in a multitude of ways and does not prevent you from tying your hair up if you wish.

Wavy waves: the tip for boosting the shine of gray hair

Naturally duller and rougher than colored hair, gray hair can tend to lack shine. To give them more softness and reflections, but also to give a more worked and elegant side to the hairstyle, it is important to work the material when drying by making a soft blow-dry or waves.

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We notice that the singer very often opts for wavy waves or very natural loose curls. A way for her to boost the volume of her hairstyle, but also to give more shine and flexibility to her lengths. The movement of the strands around the face is often worked to match the line of the cheekbones. A “youthful look” hairstyle tip to sting him without hesitation!

Gray blending: the coloring tip to highlight gray hair

Perfect for bringing more uniformity and shine to salt and pepper hair, the gray blending technique is certainly the one that Zazie used to successfully make her hair transition. Thanks to balayage, often associated with a patina, gray hair regain uniformity and yellow reflections are neutralized.

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We notice that the singer has two lighter locks at the front of her face. An ideal highlighting effect to rejuvenate the face and illuminate the features. To obtain this result, and if you do not have white hair in this area, the hairdresser can lightly bleach the strands that frame the face.

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