discover his mother’s recipe for Flemish carbonnade


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During her time as editor-in-chief for a day at aufeminin, Iris Mittenaere revealed to us her mother’s recipe for Flemish carbonade. Delicious !

Iris Mittenaere was the editor of the day at aufeminin. We can notably see her in the show Ninja Warrior on TF1 every Friday evening. She returned to subjects that she likes and are really close to her heart, such as her life as an influencer and public figure, her fashion projects with her mother, her skincare routine or her favorite lithotherapy stones. The opportunity also for her to reveal her fashion crushes of the moment. In addition to her subjects, Iris Mittenaere wanted to reveal a family recipe to us: that of Flemish carbonade.

Her mother sent her all the details of the preparation so that she could entrust them to us. This dish comes straight from the North of France and Belgium, whose recipe you can also find on scullion, is perfect for this winter. Do you want to make the best Flemish carbonade?

The family recipe for Flemish carbonade by Iris Mittenaere

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Start by browning the onions in a pan, then brown the pieces of beef cut into squares. “You can use Paleron beef for example”, said the mother of Iris Mittenaere. Then add Dijon mustard and beer, preferably dark beer and brown sugar and simmer. “I add gingerbread at the end, because it binds the sauce and it gives flavor, but some people prefer to put bread, it’s as you like.” Enjoy with fries for example. So, do you want to try this typical dish from the North?

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