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Depending on the breed, dogs have a very variable life expectancy. A phenomenon which is explained in particular by the size of the canine. Here are the top 5 dogs that live the longest.

It’s no surprise to anyone: all dog owners want to keep their faithful companion for as long as possible. So, when choosing their doggie, future masters necessarily take into account life expectancy. And for good reason: the latter can be more or less long depending on the breed of the canine. Because yes, if on average dogs live about eleven years, some families are much more resistant and are around 15 years old. This significant difference can be explained in particular by the enormous veterinary progress made in recent years, but also by the size of the dog. In effect, small doggies are more likely to live longer. So, to see more clearly, we have prepared a top 5 dogs with the longest life expectancy.

And the dog that positions itself in first place is none other than… the chihuahua. Known for being the smallest dog in the world, the Chihuahua is a hyperactive companion, easy to train, affectionate, but who can be very aggressive towards strangers. In addition to being a real daily partner, the canine can accompany you for a very long time. The reason ? Its life expectancy is on average between 14 and 18 years, and some chihuahuas even reach 20 years old. But beware, the dog acclaimed by the divas is closely followed by the Jack Russell Terrier. With a life expectancy situated between 13 and 16 years old, this breed will provide its owner with a hardy, friendly and very kind companion.

The Beagle, The Shiba Inu and The Yorkshire Terrier

On the third step of the podium of the dogs with the longest life expectancy, we find the beagle. Faithful, playful and very sociable, the Beagle generally lives between twelve and fifteen years. A life expectancy very close to Shiba Inu, the famous Japanese hunting dog looking like plush. Indeed, this little companion, known for his independence, can also live between twelve and fifteen years. And finally, to close this top 5, we find the smallest dog in the terrier family: the Yorkshire Terrier. For its part, this breed has a wider average life expectancy, located between 10 and 15 years old. Something to accompany you for many years.

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