discover the kinematics of the exhumed point and click

Warcraft Adventures: Lord Of The Clans is a point & click that was canceled in 1998. And today we can discover the cinematics of the famous game, with the work of a fan.

In 1998 a point and click called Warcraft Adventures: Lord Of The Clans should have seen the light of day. Unfortunately it was canceled and it was only in the year of grace 2016 that we were able to discover a prototype and thus learn more about the story. In particular via period cinematics, in a more than mediocre quality.

A titanic job on the abandoned Warcraft game

It was then that for 6 years a fan worked tirelessly on Warcraft Adventures: Lord Of The Clans to try to offer a “Remaster” version of the said cutscenes. The rather impressive result is available via the comparison video above. It’s all the more impressive that the developer worked alone.

He’s finally arrived. After 2 years, the next and final version was released. Version 1.0 is a turning point for me. I’ve been working on it for 6 years and during that time I’ve done almost everything I could do in a reasonable amount of time to complete and improve the cutscenes. For me, the game is very enjoyable now and I don’t see any real use in further improving the cutscenes. I want to remember this project as something fun before it turns into some kind of burden. So that’s it. The final version of my Cutscenes Remaster project and I hope everyone who uses it can enjoy it as much as I did. I’ve always wanted to create a substantial mod for a game I love and I can finally say I succeeded (or at least tried).

You can download his work on Warcraft Adventures: Lord Of The Clans by going to the following link.

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