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When our eyes close, our subconscious mind sometimes begins to wander and can make us feel like we are experiencing very real things through dreams. Dreams which are not trivial and which mean a lot in relation to our life. Moreover, to help you see more clearly, we suggest you decode your dreams with our dream dictionary. You will find the explanations there to understand and interpret the dream symbols that come up regularly in our dreams.

To help you better understand the different issues, we have decided to classify them into nine different categories:

The house has a deep symbolism in dreams, whether it is a castle, a simple cabin or a cramped apartment. She actually represents the dreamer and is her own image and personality.
If your dream shows you a beautiful, opulent house, it is a sign of some personal worth. It can balance or compensate for the opposite feeling in existence. It’s one way of bringing the notion of self-importance back to the right level. Conversely, a small house, a little tired or abandoned, indicates the need to take care of yourself.
The house always represents an important message for the relationship of the self to the self, for the feeling we have of our own existence and of our worth. And the different rooms of a house (kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom, attic, cellar, etc.) are also important in the interpretation of the dream.

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  • * Dreams of infidelity

Infidelity is a frequent theme in dreams. The dreamer sees herself having sex with a man other than her partner or she sees him cheating on her. She may dream of flirting with a stranger, a famous personality, or even another woman. Does that mean that she wants to cheat on the person who shares her life? Not necessarily. It can also be a whole different message in relation to changes in the dreamer's life.

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Water is often a beneficial resource. In general, dreams around water evoke the universe of feelings and that of vital resources linked to the unconscious. So it tells you what you are feeling and what is going on in your psychic depths. But the interpretation around this theme can be different depending on the form the water takes: sea, lake, rainwater, tap water, swimming pool. Likewise, the dream can also be related to a specific action (fishing, swimming, watching).

Discover the meaning of dreams of water

Money, like gold, is a symbol of light, knowledge and absolute worth. Silver represents a nocturnal and feminine pole, associated with the moon and with dignity in a receptive and purifying dimension. As for gold, it embodies the masculine and diurnal pole, associated with action and the sun.
In dreams, money represents a notion of value, that which agrees with the dreamer, with other people in the dream or even situations. This value has a fundamental role in the construction of the personality and in the stability of this one. Without a sense of self-worth, one is destabilized and it becomes difficult to carry on with one's life. Conversely, a fair feeling of one's value makes it possible to be in the conditions for the realization of one's desires.

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  • * Dreams around colors

Dreaming in color is a frequent thing. Their presence in the dream indicates the strength of feelings and vitality in the dreamer. On the other hand, when dreams take place in black and white, they have a more intellectual or nostalgic character.
When an element of the dream is in color, it is a question of conjugating the meaning of this element with that of its color. For example, a house is an image of ourselves. Thus, a white house will represent our consciousness in a pure and conscious way.
Four colors are fundamental and represent the basic psychic energies: blue, red, green and yellow. By adding 5 other tones (purple, brown, orange, white and black), we get all the main colors.

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  • * Dreams of conflict or argument

Have you dreamed of an argument with your mother or sister? Has your subconscious shown you having a conflict with a stranger? This is not trivial. This in fact reflects internal conflicts and contradictions.

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In dreams, animals meet regularly. They generally represent the universe of instincts, of primary drives. They are the vital forces that we absolutely need in our existence. Without them, no vital energy.
They form an intermediate link between the mineral world and the human world; in this sense, they have one foot on each side. They participate in the laws of nature which escape our will and sometimes even our conscience.
On the other hand, animals are close to humans in their ability to understand and feel certain things. Animated by a duality, the animal world has many surprises in store for us.

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Did you dream about your death last night or that of a loved one? Rest assured, this is not necessarily a bad or dire omen. Death is often a symbol of transformation, it marks the end of one thing and the beginning of another.

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Dreams of murder differ from dreams of death in that it is a violent action that often terrifies the dreamer. Again, this is a theme that is quite common in dreams. It signifies that a violent conflict inhabits the inner universe of the dreamer.

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Want to know more about your dreams? All you have to do is dive into this dictionary to discover the symbolism of the different elements that you saw in a dream!

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