Discover the new collection of DualSense Galaxy controllers from PlayStation!

Since January 14, the whole new collection of DualSense Galaxie controllers was released on the PlayStation Store. These promise to heighten our senses, but what is the difference between the “classic” DualSense and the new controllers?

In reality, there is no difference. Just like the DualSense controllers, haptic feedback replaces the traditional vibration of older controllers to provide a more immersive tactile feel. These are faster, more precise and much more intense depending on the situations you are going to experience in the game. There is also the new functionality of the dynamic adaptive triggers. The triggers produce a kind of force so you can feel the weapons you play on an FPS or the difficulty of controlling certain actions in adventure or racing games. Just as described by PlayStation, this feature can be used to transcribe the bandage of an arc or the braking of a vehicle in your favorite racing game.

Clearly, the only difference is mainly on the visual. This new range expands our collection with new controllers featuring completely new colours: black, magenta, red, sky blue and purple. And that’s the only difference that can be found on the DualSense Galaxie controllers.

You can find them on the Playstation website for €74.99. :

  • Nova Pink
  • Galactic Purple
  • Cosmic Red
  • Midnight Black
  • Starlight Blue

* Note that the Midnight Black controller is priced at 69.99 euros, like the basic white controller

In addition, you will be able to combine your console with your controllers with the new shells that finally allow you to customize our console according to your tastes. You can find all the shells for the PlayStation 5 on this link. However, only the Cosmic Red and Midnight Black color are currently available due to lack of stock. Keep an eye on PlayStation news to find out when purchases of the Nova Pink, Galactif Purple and Stalight Blue colors will be back in stores.


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