discover the unknown function of the oven to reduce your electricity bill


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The oven can consume a lot of energy and therefore increase the bills. However, there is a function that makes it very easy to reduce costs.

In times of inflation, every expense item counts to save money. And with the energy sector being hit hard, rationalize your electricity consumption is a good reflex to take. Household appliances such as the oven are particularly energy-intensive. There is, however, on most of these appliances, a cooking method which significantly limits consumption, but which we do not necessarily have the reflex to use.

This is the rotating heat. This system is fitted to most models. But it does not work by default. Its role is to ensure even cooking thanks to a fan that distributes the heat. It therefore opposes natural convection, with which the heat is diffused vertically. Its interest is therefore above all culinary, but it can be favored for save energy.

Cook faster and slower

Indeed, the convection mode consumes sometimes almost 25% less energy than natural convection. Moreover, by promoting uniform cooking, it reduces the time required and/or the power. This can be seen by looking at the labels of frozen meals. In addition, the heat being better distributed, it makes it possible to cook several dishes at the same timethus rationalizing the use of the oven.

To reduce the electricity bill through better use of the oven, there are also other tricks. It should be preferred peak hours as much as possible. Good maintenance also reduces consumption. But we will then favor cleaning by hand rather than a very energy-intensive automatic function. Think about defrost food in advance rather than putting them in the oven is also a solution, as well as not forgetting an oven that has finished preheating and is running empty.

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