Dismantling of REvil: Russia arrests 14 hackers and confiscates several million euros in property

The FSB, the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation, announces that it has dismantled the REvil hacker group at the request of the United States. After months of twists and turns, is REvil out of harm’s way?

Is REvil definitely over? For several months, the famous gang of cybercriminals has been experiencing many twists and turns. He first disappeared for two months, came back to everyone’s surprise, then was taken offline again by the FBI. Two of its suspected members were later arrested in Romania by Europol and Eurojust, heightening the impression that authorities around the world were after him. It must be said that for several years, REVil has established itself as one of the most dangerous hacker gangs on the planet. He is behind many large-scale hacks such as that of JBS, a food giant or that of Kaseya, which allowed him to infect the networks of 1,500 companies. In April, REVil also blackmailed Apple by threatening to release documents about its future products.

This time, REvil may be out of harm’s way for good. the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation announces in a press release that it has dismantled the group. A video of the operation was even published online.

14 arrests and 25 places searched

In its press release, the FSB indicates that it has responded to a request from the United States, sworn enemies of REvil. Thanks to information provided by the American intelligence services, the Russians managed to identify the composition of the gang. They then set up an operation targeting 25 addresses in Moscow, Saint Petersburg and three other regions. 14 members of the group have been arrested, while Russia says it has confiscated numerous assets. She speaks in particular of 426 million rubles (about 4.9 million euros), 600,000 dollars (about 525,000 euros) and 500,000 euros, sometimes in crypto-currencies. Several computer equipment as well as twenty luxury cars were also seized.

The FSB claims that, thanks to its intervention, REVil is no more. He is happy to have neutralized » the criminal group and specifies that he informed his American counterpart of the smooth running of the information.

Chance of the calendar (or not), Joe Biden and Vladimir Poutin spoke a few days ago after months of tension. The American president rightly criticized Russia for not doing enough to fight against cybercriminals on its territory. It seems that his request has been heard. As for REvil’s future, it’s hard to say given the band’s incredible ability to come back after every bad shot. This time around, though, it looks like REvil is under more attack than ever.

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