Disney announces TRON: Identity a visual novel set in the TRON universe

The Disney & Marvel Games Showcase’s first ‘World Premiere’ revealed a brand new game set in the TRON universe with TRON: Identity. The genre will probably surprise you sinceThis is a visual novel (or graphic novel). We should therefore find there the ingredients of the two films even if the latest seems more predominant.

TRON is no longer alone

Developped by the Bithell Games studio to which we owe in particular Thomas was Alone and John Wick Hex, TRON: Identity will take us on a new Grid forgotten by its creator and abandoned. This will thus evolve without the intervention of the “User” which will generate an unprecedented crime jeopardizing the future of this grid.

We will follow Query, a program taking the form of a detective in charge of investigating this mystery. questioning suspects and investigating all over the place. We are told that the decisions you make will affect the story, which means there will be multiple endings. By interrogating people (or programs here) you will have to recover their lost memories by searching for your answers, working your way through the defragmentation of identity disks.

TRON: Identity will be released on PC via Steam in 2023.

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