DISNEY +: Avalonia, the strange journey, first trailer for the future Disney animated film, deprived of theatrical release in France …

After Raya and the Last Dragon and Encanto: The Fantastic Madrigal Family, Walt Disney Animation Studios is preparing a new feature film for this year. We learned some time ago that its final English title would be Strange Worldthe codename Searcher Clade having been abandoned.

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The first animated film trailer was unveiled this week, and he will be called by us Avalonia, the strange journey. We will follow the family of legendary explorers of the cladewho will discover an unexplored and treacherous planet filled with fantastic creatures, for what should be his last mission. Jake Gyllenhaal will voice the central character of Searcher Cladein this adventure directed by Don Hall (The New Heroes) and Qui Nguyen (Raya and the Last Dragon).

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Where the beat hurts is that if Strange World is well slated for a theatrical release on November 23, 2022 in the United StatesHélène Etzi, President of disney in France, confirmed that the film would only see the light of day with us on Disney+ and not in the cinema, at an unknown date at the end of the year. She justifies this decision as a “consequence of the chronology of the media” deemed “unfair, binding and unsuited to the expectations” of the public. In effect, disney got into the habit of offering its productions, and particularly its animated feature films, a few weeks after their theatrical release on Disney+ to USA. France prohibits the rapid distribution of film productions on SVODit was therefore considered preferable to bring directly Avalonia, the strange journey on the video-on-demand platform than keeping subscribers waiting.

It should also perhaps be inferred that the original franchises struggle to find their audience in the cinema, because Buzz Lightning will be released in theaters first on June 22. Hélène Etzi adds that “only Strange World will be released in France directly on Disney+” and that the firm “continues to assess the situation film by film and country by country”.

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The emphasis seems to be on Disney+ in France: you can always subscribe to the service for €8.99 per month or €89.90 per year.

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