Disney Dreamlight Valley: Where to find cotton and how to make fabric?

On Disney Dreamlight Valley, players will have to collect a large number of resources and raw materials in order to manufacture this or that element. This is particularly the case with fabric, which requires finding cotton. So, in this new guide, we tell you where to find cotton and we explain to you how to make fabricon Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Finding Cotton and Making Fabric on Disney Dreamlight Valley

Where to find cotton?

In order to find cotton on Disney Dreamlight Valley, you must have advanced in the adventure. Indeed, it is necessary to have completed Merlin’s quest “Friendship above all”, allowing to unlock new biomes. As you will have understood, you will not find cotton in the Esplanade area or in the Tranquil Prairie.

On our side, we managed to get our hands on cotton while exploring the Sunny Plateau. However, to collect as much cotton as possible, it is best to unlock the Goofy stand in said area and buy cotton seeds. A Cottonseed costs 42 Star Coins. So buy as many as you need.

As soon as you have cotton seeds in your inventory, go plant them in the place of your choice. Do not forget to water them also and regularly, if it does not rain. After a while, you will be able to collect cotton.

Disney Dreamlight Valley - Cotton

make fabric

From the moment you own cottonyou can start fabric makingon Disney Dreamlight Valley. To do this, head to a crafting station and click on the “Refined Material” tab. You should normally see “Cloth” in the list appearing on your screen. Note that for crafting 1 piece of fabric, you will need 5 cottons. Now all you have to do is craft the desired quantity cottondepending on your needs and possibilities.

Disney Dreamight Valley - Fabric
As a reminder, Disney Dreamlight Valley can be found on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch and PC. If you are new to the title, do not hesitate to take a look at the various guides that we have prepared.

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