Disney: Pixar's new film is called "Luca"

The Italian Riviera is the setting for "Luca", Pixar's new film. The adventure is scheduled for September 2021.

The new film by the popular animation studio Pixar, which has been part of Disney since 2006, is due to be released in German cinemas on September 30, 2021. The group has now announced that. The animated adventure will be called "Luca" and will play on the Italian Riviera.

An unforgettable summer for Luca

Not much is known yet, but Disney already reveals that everything should be about young Luca, who will experience an unforgettable summer in a coastal town. Careful, spoiler: there is also a secret to all fun, because Luca is actually a sea monster from another world.

It is directed by the Italian animation filmmaker and illustrator Enrico Casarosa (49), who has also worked on "Coco – more alive than life!", "Oben" and "Ratatouille". Andrea Warren, who was also involved in "Cars" and "Die Monster AG", is the producer.

"It's a pretty personal story for me," Casarosa explains in a press release, "and not just because the film takes place on the Italian Riviera where I grew up, but because it's essentially about friendship that is celebrated here . " The film shows an "unforgettable summer adventure that will change Luca fundamentally".