Disney+ quietly removes a much-loved feature

After the reduction of content, the arrival of ads and the increase in prices, Disney+ silently removed a feature that was popular with subscribers.

This is a new Disney+ feature from September 2023 that subscribers would have been fine without. Two years after the launch of a fairly practical option, the SVOD platform discreetly announces its removal. Bad news for those who have made a habit of sharing their experience over the last two or three years.

It’s over for this beloved Disney+ feature

In 2020, when the whole world was in full lockdown, Disney+ tried to bring people together around its service. To do this, the firm launched the GroupWatch option in order to “to co-view their favorite films and series with family or friends without being in the same place”. Up to 7 people could then watch an identical program, synchronously, and react at the same time to what they saw. “GroupWatch Synchronized Viewing allows each participant to pause playback to take a break, rewind the movie or series to rewatch a scene, or activate fast-forward mode, for the entire group”.

But after three years, Disney quietly removed GroupWatch. ” HAS As of September 18, the GroupWatch feature will no longer be available on Disney+. We are constantly working to provide the best user experience across all our products, and as part of recent updates the feature has been removed” the platform said. Information but no explanation on the reason for this disappearance.

Have subscribers grown tired of the option? With the resumption of normal life, have they stopped group viewings? The firm does not elaborate further on the subject. But according to a discovery, it was planned to bury the functionality at the same time as the launch of the offer with ads. Indeed, a priori, the company would have had a plan to make this option inaccessible to future Disney+ customers. Well finally, it’s the end for everyone.

Credits: Disney.

Savings in all sectors

The Disney+ platform has undergone drastic changes for several weeks, and inevitably, some impact subscribers. Thus, they now have access to less content each month, even though prices have not fallen and will even increase. The €8.99 offer which allows you to watch programs in 4K and/or Dolby Atmos will lose these two advantages from November 20, 2023. On this date, and if you do not want to return to 1080p, you will have to put your hand in your pocket. 4K and Dolby Atmos will be reserved for the “elite” who will agree to pay €11.99 per month. And be careful, because the switch will be automatic if you do nothing.

From December 6, 2023, Disney+ subscribers at €8.99 will be billed €11.99. Remember that the subscription can be canceled at any time, so you can act before the next debit just in case. In 2024, another privilege will disappear: account sharing. “Disney will begin updating its subscription agreements with additional terms, but also the sharing policy later this year and will also deploy tactics to boost monetization » warned Bob Iger, the boss of the big-eared company. The end of abundance!

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