Disney +: Streaming service reaches 100 million subscribers worldwide

Disney +
Streaming service reaches 100 million subscribers worldwide

Most recently one of the success guarantees of Disney +: The Marvel series "WandaVision"

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16 months after launch, Disney + has over 100 million subscribers. But there is still a lot to be done up to the number of subscriptions to Netflix.

When Disney launched its own streaming service in November 2019, there were sometimes doubts as to whether Disney + would be able to prevail against top dogs like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video. Now, around 16 months after launch, these concerns seem to have been more than unfounded. As the company announced, Disney + can now count on over 100 million subscribers from a total of 59 countries in which the service is available.

Marvel Universe and more

Which productions are largely responsible for this success is obvious. Disney can come up with all the films from the Marvel universe, and more and more series revolving around the Avengers are starting up. Most recently the highly acclaimed "WandaVision", soon "The Falcon and the Winter Soldier" (March 19th) and "Loki" (June 11th). The same applies to the popular "Star Wars" universe, from which with "The Mandalorian" an immensely successful series emerged, which will be followed by further episodes in the foreseeable future.

Meanwhile, old Disney cartoons and new animated films from the successful Pixar forge are available for children and young people.

However, the competition that started earlier is still ahead. According to a survey for stockholders, Netflix broke the 200 million mark at the end of last year. Meanwhile, Amazon Prime Video has around 150 million subscribers worldwide.