Disney +: the price of the subscription will increase in December

The Disney Plus platform has announced a 38% price increase starting next December. However, it will be possible to keep the current price of the subscription, provided that you accept advertising spots…

Bad news for Disney+ subscribers. The management of the SVOD platform has just formalized the upcoming arrival of advertisements, for a total of nine to twelve spots per hour. Two formulas will nevertheless be offered to subscribers to the service: a version with ads (without price change), and a version without ads, but subject to a 38% increase in the price of the subscription.

Concretely, the subscription for the American territory currently set at 7.99 dollars per month will increase from next December to 10.99 dollars for the premium formula, an annual increase of 36 dollars!

It is already confirmed that this price increase will also apply to other territories, including France where the subscription price is currently set at 8.99 euros per month. However, Disney France has not revealed the amount that platform subscribers will have to pay from December.

In addition to this increase, it should be remembered that Disney+ will welcome new highly anticipated productions in the coming weeks, including the new Marvel series She-Hulk: Lawyer (August 18) or Andor (September 21), the prequel to the Star Wars film Rogue One. .

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