Disneyland: Towards the creation of an amusement park in the metavers?

Personalized attractions mixing the virtual with the real world. Here is what Disney is considering, which has filed a patent in this sense approved in the United States at the end of December 2021, reports this Monday, January 10 the Cointelegraph, which follows the news of cryptocurrencies and metavers.

The technology on which Disney has filed this patent “would work by tracking visitors using their mobile phones, generating and projecting personalized 3D effects on physical spaces, walls and objects near the park.” Everything would work without a headset, specifies the media which quotes the document filed by the American entertainment giant. Disney would distinguish itself by demonstrating that it would be possible to bring the metavers (a parallel virtual world) to the heart of the real world, where competing companies like the Meta group (Facebook) rely on virtual reality to visit a completely dematerialized universe. .

Like many companies specializing in entertainment, The Walt Disney Company is currently building the future of its business around emerging technologies. Last November, its CEO Bob Chapek reiterated the desire to “connect even more closely the physical and digital worlds, allowing stories to be told, without limits in our own Disney metavers”.

More immersive experiences

In a Los Angeles Times article, journalist Todd Martens describes amusement parks as the most representative of what metavers will strive for in the future. “Theme parks offer perhaps the easiest way to understand the concept of metavers, which is often described as a global and persistent virtual world where we buy, play, work, communicate and watch entertainment,” he explains. -he.

A long report broadcast on ABC News (below) also allows us to see what the applications of such technologies will be. From 23 minutes and 20 seconds in this video, we can see the idea of ​​using contact lenses that would add 3D effects and characters in augmented reality during a visit to the park. These are not, however, technologies that will necessarily be exploited, but conceptual ideas that Disney is thinking about.

The future should therefore allow this entertainment heavyweight to renew the immersive experiences it intends to offer its visitors. In 2021, Disney’s 12 theme parks around the world would have generated more than $ 17 billion (around € 15 billion) in revenue.

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