Disposable email addresses compared: the best trash mailers and temporary addresses


If you want to remain anonymous and keep your data private, disposable email addresses are ideal. We compare several providers for trash mails and temporary addresses.

Disposable addresses are very practical in many cases. However, you should pay attention to a few things when using it. (Source: netzwelt)

You need one to shop on Amazon, you need one to register on various online forums, and in fact almost every online personal service requires one: an email address. If it falls into the wrong hands, you not only quickly put your private data at risk, you also run the risk of becoming a victim of online fraud.

That’s why, for example, on dubious websites and unverified services, it’s better if you don’t sign up with your real email address. But what if you still want to use the corresponding offer? Then a disposable email address is the ideal solution.

What is a disposable email address?

Various providers allow you to use one or more disposable email addresses online. These are addresses that you can use completely anonymously and usually delete easily. You can use them to provide the necessary e-mail information for online services and the like without the operators finding out your real e-mail address.

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This has many advantages: For example, you keep your real mailbox free of any spam e-mails that operators of dubious online services like to send after you have registered. You also hide your true identity from the operators, which means that they cannot contact you directly via your real e-mail address.

You can create your own disposable address with most providers without any major problems. Often just one click is enough to generate an automatic address. You can then simply copy and paste them wherever you want to use them. Some services require you to create your own email address. However, the content should not give any conclusions about you or your private data.

Providers of disposable e-mail addresses at a glance

If you search the Internet for providers of disposable email addresses, you will quickly find what you are looking for. The selection is gigantic and at first glance you rarely see the differences between the providers. That is why we have summarized a number of well-known and popular providers on the next few pages, which will serve as a guide for you.

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