Divinatory arts arrive on the French platform MYM

Since its launch in 2019, MYM has offered all content creators and experts a platform that gives them back the power and allows them to generate recurring income thanks to their high value-added content. What are the new features designed especially for experts and enthusiasts of the divinatory arts?


What are the objectives of the MYM content platform?

The first French and European platform for creators who wish to make a living from their passion, MYM recently opened its doors to professionals in the divinatory arts. A boon for these experts in astrology, clairvoyance and many others who will now be able to benefit from a platform completely adapted to their needs. All-in-one, this platform has new features designed for them so that they can carry out Live consultations and offer personalized content to answer the questions you ask!
Lovers of the divinatory arts? You can directly make an appointment in the professionals’ calendar by choosing the Live service that suits you. You also have the possibility to exchange freely with your favorite experts via Chat and request additional services. Go directly to the site to register !

What are the benefits for experts in divinatory arts?

As for experts, MYM’s mission is to offer them a 100% digital, fluid and secure platform. The experience is obviously designed to make their lives easier by providing them with autonomy, time savings, recurring income, but also personalized support.
They can thus:

  1. Synchronize their calendar so as not to miss any appointments and ensure that they offer the slots that suit them;
  2. Configure the services they would like to offer you Live;
  3. Access the calendar of upcoming appointments;
  4. Exchange and sell additional services using Chat;
  5. Monitor their performance and customer base.

Because the objective is to allow them to monetize their know-how, MYM undertakes to pay them 80% of the revenue generated. Please note that each expert Creator is free to set the amount of their consultations and personalized content offered for sale. If necessary, the Costume Care service is available to support them at any time.

What are the advantages of such a platform for you, lovers of the divinatory arts?

Far from traditional social networks, the MYM content platform offers exclusive features and personalized content. Easy connection with professionals, proximity, online booking and above all the possibility of discovering your future in a few clicks!
You can book consultations with the experts of your choice, make personalized requests or have access to exclusive content. Whether questions about love, money, work or even family, you will find your answers there!

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