Djir-Sarai in the “early start”: FDP: January vaccination target too ambitious

Djir-Sarai in the “early start”
FDP: January vaccination target too ambitious

The federal government has targeted 30 million vaccinations in the first month of the new year. But that will not work out, the soon-to-be FDP general secretary has to admit. He also does not consider compulsory vaccination to have been agreed.

The designated FDP General Secretary Bijan Djir-Sarai has admitted that the traffic light coalition may not meet its target of 30 million vaccinations between the New Year and the end of January. The goal was formulated at a point in time when it was considered realistic, said Djir-Sarai in ntv’s “early start”. “In the meantime, some framework conditions have changed and it turns out that these goals were sometimes too ambitious.” So far, the Ministry of Health reports just over 5 million vaccinations in January.

Djir-Sarai did not want to predict whether there would be a general compulsory vaccination in the summer. “Nobody can say that at this point in time.” There will be an intensive and sensitive debate on this in the Bundestag. A result of this debate will be apparent at the end of March.

He encouraged citizens to get vaccinated. Germany has one of the most successful booster campaigns in Europe, but the number of first vaccinations has so far been too low. “Personally, I am also disappointed with the vaccination rate that exists in our country.” The traffic light coalition is doing everything to ensure that more people can be vaccinated and boosted.

Djir-Sarai does not want to speak out in favor of stricter contact restrictions despite the record number of infections. The federal government has so far had the situation under control with proportionate measures. “That is the strategy so far. And I believe that this strategy will be continued.” The federal government had succeeded in ensuring health protection and creating as much freedom as possible at the same time. This proportionality is the big difference between the traffic light and the grand coalition. With regard to possible stricter rules, however, he restricted: “Reality is dynamic. And it may be that this statement that you make is put in front of another reality the next day.”

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