DNA, Wakanim, Crunchyroll: the sequel to Attack on Titan, the delirious My Dress-Up Darling and Orient on the program!

This week, we talk about titanic fights, cosplay and demon hunters in our 3 anime recommendations to discover on your specialized platforms.



In a world ravaged by man-eating titans for over a century, the few survivors of Humanity have no other choice to survive than to barricade themselves in a fortress city.

The young Eren, witness to the death of his mother devoured by a titan, has only one dream: to enter the elite body charged with discovering the origin of the Titans and to annihilate them to the last …

Here we are ! Attack on Titan Season 2 Part 2 has just started on Wakanim and Crunchyroll. The outcome of this epic and grandiose tale is about to be revealed to us. If you’ve never watched this anime, now is the time to start.

You have no excuse, Attack on Titan (or SNK for intimate friends) is available on most existing platforms, including Netflix. The last season, however, remains the exclusivity of Crunchyroll and Wakanim. This fascinating work will be a milestone in the history of manga and animation. Go for it if you haven’t started it yet!


Wakana Gojo is a lonely high school student who dreams of becoming a craftsman and making the traditional dolls for the Hina Matsuri. But as this passion is not very manly, he hides it and does not stand out.

Until one day Marine Kitagawa, the most popular girl in his school, sees him using a sewing machine. Against all expectations, she asks him to become her couturier to make … her cosplay outfits!

When the love of sewing meets the passion of cosplay, it results in the duo of Wakana and Hina. My Dress-Up Darling follows with humor and benevolence this improbable encounter between two terribly endearing characters: an unconfident designer and an offbeat cosplayer.

Its animation by CloverWorks is a real feast for the eyes and its pleasant atmosphere already make it one of the season’s highlights. If the complete series follows the solid foundations of its first episode, it’s a safe bet that it will be THE slice of life at the start of the year.

Note however that, despite the predominant comedy, some ecchi scenes are to be expected. The anime is therefore not to be put in front of all eyes.


15th century, in Japan. The world is in the hands of terrible demons called Oni, yet revered by the people who ignore their evil nature! The truth, only the bushi, brave warriors, know it.

But these fighters are treated like outcasts. Musashi, apprentice miner, and Kojirô, descendant of bushi, have sworn to found the most powerful of the clans and to defeat the Oni.

From the boundless imagination of Shinobu Ohtaka (author of the famous Magi) Orient brings you a fiery tale of warriors battling monsters during a revised Neo-Sengoku period.

If its beginnings follow the codes of the classic shonen, this series could well stand out quickly for its very different perception of demons depending on the characters. Enemies for our heroes, but true living gods for their peers.

Between badass samurai, bloodthirsty creatures and big bastons, this anime promises heavy moments of adrenaline.

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