do I really need a scrub, this trendy scalp exfoliation?


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In 2022, it’s decided: we will no longer neglect our scalp! Using a hair scrub? Why not but not always! Explanations from an expert.

With the hair care trend aimed at the scalp, we hear a lot about scrub for hair. What interest has this hair care still little used? Should we really give in to the hair scrub trend and in which cases? We asked the question to Andrea Da Costa, trainer for Christophe Robin, to find out his benefits and learn to use it correctly.

First thing to know, the scrub can be used as detox treatment for suffering scalps irritationof dandruff Where oily” and itchy . It also promotes “the elimination of toxins that stagnate inside the hair follicle”. By exfoliating the skin of the skull, this multifunction treatment also stimulates blood circulation and “thus provides the hair with the nutrients necessary for its growth. It is also advised “for remove chemical buildup type permanent colorings, dry shampoos, styling products” of the hair. It is therefore a useful gesture when you want to solve several hair problems or simply have nice hair.

Scrub: what are the signs that my hair needs it?

You can rely on the discomfort you feel in the scalp, especially in case of “itch” or of “fast growing hair”. But a lack of shine, sometimes caused by excessive use “dry or silicone-based shampoos” (which end up making the hair dull), can also be a sign not to be ignored.
On the other hand, it is important not to attack your scalp with a hair scrub “in case of “severe” problem of the scalp”. It is better to ask your dermatologist for advice before using this type of treatment.

How to make a scrub for the hair?

This treatment applies “on wet hair” and performing a scalp massage to activate blood circulation and exfoliate the skin well

  • take the equivalent of a tablespoon of scrub then rub the dose of care in your hands to distribute the product evenly in your palms before applying it to the scalp.
  • Gently massage the scalp “by taking it off” gently with the fingertips using circular movements and insist on the nape of the neck “where the itching is most localized”.
  • then add a trickle of water to the treatment to emulsify it and distribute it evenly.
  • to finish, rinse thoroughly and “don’t forget to apply a treatment adapted to the lengths” to feed them.

Pro tips for properly rinsing your hair scrub : “Be sure to rinse thoroughly while lifting the hair from the scalp to remove all impurities and product residues”.

How often can I scrub?

If it is beneficial to the whole of the hair, you should not abuse the scrub when you have no particular hair problem so as not to unbalance the scalp. With some normal hairwe will only do “Once a week or twice a month” according to the feeling. In case of dry hair or of sensitive scalpwe will adopt a frequency of “2 times a month” only so as not to dry them out or irritate the skin. In case of greasy hair, you can do up to 2 purifying scrubs per week. Finally, if you have dandruff, everything will depend on your type of dandruff. In case of dry dandruff, the frequency is the same as for dry hair, and in case of oily dandruff you can follow the recommendations for oily hair.

Our favorite scrubs to take care of the scalp:

Hair scrub: our homemade recipe

Your hair scrub jar or bottle is empty and you need to scrub your scalp right away? Just add sugar to your shampoo to turn it into a scrub in minutes before you can buy your favorite product again.

Thanks to Andrea Da Costa, trainer for Christophe Robin.

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