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And it continues… This Saturday, May 14, the German brand Lidl recalled “rustic cereal” bread sticks. If you are in possession of this product, do not consume it.

The long list continues to grow and we really wonder what it is still possible to consume. After Buitoni pizzas, Kinder chocolate eggs, pistachios, mortadella, cheeses and other products, it is now the turn of one of the favorite foods of the French to be recalled. The German company Lidl has decided to recall baguettes “rustic cereals“, unmarked, and weighing 250 grams. This bread was sold between May 3 and May 13, 2022 throughout the territory.

The reason for this recall is once again surprising. These wands would likely contain “a risk of the presence of metallic foreign bodies“. If you are still in possession of these chopsticks with the reference “GTIN 4056489495017”, you must not consume them. You can nevertheless request a refund from Lidl. For more details, you can contact the following number: 0800.900.343.

Many victims

All these product recalls are starting to cause real psychosis in France. Every day, a new food comes off the shelves and risks being dangerous for the consumer. The terrible case of Buitoni pizzas, contaminated with E. coli bacteria, continues to haunt people’s minds. Because of a single pizza, two children lost their lives, while others will keep terrible consequences for life. This Thursday, May 12, the Minister of Health, Olivier Véran, broke the silence and spoke about these tragedies. “There are two children who died from eating pizza […]I assure you that it is poignant“, he said on BFM TV and RMCbefore continuing:I am devastated by this absolutely terrible human tragedy that should never happen, but could not be avoided..”

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