Do the French work more or less than their European neighbors? A study provides the answer: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

Are the French less hardworking than their European neighbors? In any case, this is what a study indicates Rexecode unveiled Wednesday December 6, 2023. According to this – which is based on the survey on the labor forces ofEurostat –, the effective annual working time of full-time employees in France in 2022 reached 1,668 hours, compared to a European average of 1,792 hours. As a result, the French work 65 hours less than the Spanish, 122 hours less than the Germans and up to 162 hours less than the Italians. According to the survey, these gaps have been stable since 2005, except for the country led by Chancellor Olaf Scholz, given that annual working hours decreased between 2006 and 2019. If all sectors of activity are affected by this gap, this would particularly apply to services. “In Germany, the working hours of employees in the non-market services sector were much higher than in France (170 hours more) in 2022. This is the sector where the gap is the largest after agriculture (201 hours more compared to France)”indicated Olivier Redoules, director of studies at Rexecode.

Are the French better off than their European neighbors?

If the French work less than other Europeans, in addition to RTT, they also have more paid leave. In addition, following the aging of the population, the number of sick leave has exploded! Despite everything, the country led by Emmanuel Macron since 2017 is one of the states in Europe where there are the most “heavy workers”. In fact, more than 10% of assets – mainly self-employed people, business leaders, craftsmen and self-employed – work almost 50 hours per week. However, few French people would be willing to work more. And for good reason, France is the country where employees are the least happy at work. As reported Le Figaro in March 2016, a study of Steelcase indicated that French workers were “generally dissatisfied with their work environment, but also those least involved in the execution of their missions”.

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