do the vaccinated really occupy the majority of hospital beds?


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This Monday, November 15, 2021, new figures concerning the Covid epidemic in France have fallen. We take stock of the hospitalization rate of patients depending on whether or not they have received the coronavirus vaccine.

Are people vaccinated against the coronavirus really more likely to be hospitalized than people who have not been vaccinated? The latest figures published November 15, 2021 relate to the week of October 25 to 31, 2021. They show that in reality, if the hospitalization of the unvaccinated has decreased, unlike that of the unvaccinated, there has been on average 147 conventional hospitalizations per day of vaccinated people against 130 of unvaccinated people.

However, the majority of people with the coronavirus and in intensive care remain unvaccinated. “nine times more critical care entries among unvaccinated people than among those who are fully vaccinated”, writes the Drees. As a reminder, if the vaccine against the coronavirus does not protect against the disease, it makes it possible to avoid contracting a serious form. The Dress figures were therefore predictable and point to the effects of the vaccination coverage hoped for by the health authorities. The same is true for deaths due to Covid-19 infections. “There are about nine times more deaths in unvaccinated people than in fully vaccinated people of a comparable population size during the period considered”, can we read on the report of the Drees.

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This Wednesday, November 17, 2021, at the exit of the Council of Ministers, Gabriel Attal, spokesman for the government, spoke. “We have entered a fifth wave of the epidemic, with a number of contaminations, an incidence which is progressing very rapidly, of the order of 40 to 50% per week for two weeks now”, he explained. A worrying fact, with the approach of the end of year holidays.

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