do you have to declare it to the taxes?

From December 15, 2.3 million households will receive the 2022 Christmas bonus. Its minimum amount is 152.45 euros. But will you be required to indicate this to the tax authorities in your 2023 tax return?

Good news for 2.3 million low-income households: Christmas bonus 2022 is coming next week! This aid set up in 1998 represents a boost for the most fragile households before the end of year celebrations, explains the Minister of Solidarity. The amount of 152.45 euros for a single person (442.10 euros for a couple with 4 children)this aid will be paid on Thursday 15 December and should arrive two or three days later in the accounts of the beneficiaries depending on the deadlines.

Christmas bonus (amounts renewed each year)
Who?How many?
For the RSA beneficiaries (premium paid by the CIF)
isolated person152.45
2 persons
(couple without children or single parent with 1 child)
3 people
(single parent with 2 children or couple with 1 child)
4 people
(single parent with 3 children)
4 people
(couple with 2 children)
5 people
(single parent with 4 children)
5 people
(couple with 3 children)
6 persons
(single parent with 5 children)
6 persons
(couple with 4 children)
Per additional person+ 60.98
For beneficiaries SSA Where EAR (premium paid by Ple Employment)
For all (single amount)152.45

But should you then declare the Christmas bonus on your tax return? As reminded website, this premium is not taxable. It should therefore not be mentioned on the annual tax return.

Beware of fraudulent emails

The Christmas bonus is intended in particular for beneficiaries of certain social minima, such as the active solidarity income (RSA), the retirement equivalent allowance (AER) or the specific solidarity allowance (ASS). As a reminder, your benefit entitlement must be in progress for the month of November or December 2022 to benefit from this aid exceptional. For new recipients, the premium will not be paid on December 15, 2022 but in January 2023.

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CAF also reminds that the Christmas bonus is paid only once per household and that there is no procedure to do to receive it, unless CAF asks you to. So be wary if you receive a message asking you for information: CAF warns that fraudulent emails usurping the identity of Ple emploi or CAF may circulate during the period of payment of the Christmas bonus in order to obtain your confidential details, in particular bank details.

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