Do you know anything about gaming: test your knowledge in our quiz


Gaming may have been an important hobby for you for many years, but you really know your way around video games. Test your knowledge in our quiz.

Gaming is fun, whether on the console or on the PC. (Source: ryanking999 /

You may have been playing video games for many years or even decades. The industry is always changing. The world has seen many consoles and games, the selection of top titles is gigantic.

But do you think you really know anything about gaming? We put your knowledge to the test. Take our quiz about video games.


Gaming Quiz

(Source: Screenshot YouTube Plutopeppers/Square Enix)

What is the name of the lady from Final Fantasy shown in the picture?

Hardware such as gaming PCs and consoles do cost a lot of money, but there are now at least many games for which you don’t have to pay any money. We’ll tell you which video games you can get for free for PlayStation, Xbox, Switch and PC.

There is currently also a great discount campaign for PlayStation fans. This well-known racing game has been reduced in price to just 1.99 euros.

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