do you really have to put a coat on them when it’s cold?

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Since the arrival of winter temperatures, many dog ​​owners have dressed their faithful companions in coats. But is it really a good idea?

Plaids, coats, hot drinks… like every winter, all techniques are good for brave the cold. So much so that some people even think about dressing up their pets, and more specifically their dogs. But is it really necessary to put a coat to his canine in the event of a winter walk? What are the benefits? Is it useful? To answer all these questions, the media 20 minutes interviewed Géraldine Blanchard, a veterinary doctor specializing in animal clinical nutrition.

During the exchange, the expert particularly insisted on the importance of the breed of dogs. And for good reason: some canids are better suited to resist low temperatures. This is particularly the case for huskies, labradors and retrievers. There are better suited breedsthanks to a thick undercoat that helps maintain body heat, and a small layer of fat too, and which thus better withstand the drop in temperature, she said. Conversely, short-haired dog breeds, such as greyhounds or chihuahuas, are much more sensitive to the cold.

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The dog coat: “An insulated layer”

In this sense, Géraldine Blanchard encouraged the owners of short haired dogs to make their faithful companion wear a coat. “It will be an isothermal layer that will prevent it from losing too much heat”, she pointed out, adding that slippers can be a very useful accessory when walking in the snow. But, for urban dwellers, it is not necessary for the daily stroll on the sidewalks.” All you have to do is find the fashionable coats to dress your pooch.

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