Do you really need to shampoo twice when washing your hair? A hairdresser responds: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

Shampooing is the most important step for a healthy scalp and healthy hair. It is important to respect the right frequency according to your hair type, the right product to wash effectively but gently, the adequate quantity of material as well as the correct gestures. But one question often comes up: should you shampoo one or two times when you wash your hair? Hairstylist Tom Smith answered this question in a video on his Tik Tok account. According to the specialist, it is not necessary to wash your hair twice at once, contrary to popular belief.

Should you shampoo twice when washing your hair?

We often hear that “the first shampoo is for cleaning, the second is for treating the hair. I don’t recommend it, I don’t think it’s true” announces the hair specialist to his client. However, he qualifies: “but the fact is that if there is a accumulation of sebumif there is product in your hair, if there has been hairspray for a few days… Sometimes we don’t shampoo as thoroughly as we should, and so doing a second wash is the way to ‘make sure your hair is well cleaned’ says Tom Smith. In other words, a priori, your hair does not need two shampoos if you have the right gestures, if your roots are not too oily and you have not applied styling products.

How to choose the right shampoo for great hair?

The choice of shampoo depends on your needs. Does your hair get greasy again quickly? Choose a gentle cleansing product that does not harm the scalp. An overly sensitized scalp produces more sebum to protect itself. If you have blonde hair, use a purple shampoo every 7 to 10 days. Its color will help neutralize yellow and dull reflections to find a luminous, cold and radiant blonde. Finally, it is important to remember that shampoo is only used to clean the scalp. The lengths and ends should then benefit from a conditioner and/or a mask so that they remain well hydrated.


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