Do you use Spotify? Beware of this larger-than-life scam: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

Notice to subscribers of Spotify Premium : a scam is circulating this month of November 2023. Using the brand’s codes and logos, the email sent is larger than life. One of the editorial journalists received this email very recently on her personal email address. We reveal its contents to you as well as the precautionary measures to take.

What does this Spotify scam received by email contain?

Spotify is a music listening platform with a free version and a paid version (called “Premium”) which works by subscription.

In the scam email, the cybercriminals say they meet “problems receiving your Premium payment” and request verification of payment data within a fairly short period of time, under penalty of additional costs and closure of the account.

The subject of the email is as follows: “Your recent direct debit was unsuccessful“. In the body of the text, appears in large, bold letters: “We are unable to process your treatment“. Then, “We kindly ask you to update and confirm your payment information before 04/12/2023. Failing this, closing costs amounting to €49.99 will be billed to you.“A threat, underlined and in bold, which can frighten subscribers and make them hurry to regularize the situation.

In the center of the email, a large green button, in the colors of Spotify, suggests making the payment.

How to spot the scam?

Sometimes, cybercriminals push their work to such a level of precision that it’s easy to fall into the trap. In this scam, the email goes so far as to include, at the bottom of the page, the company’s legal information, a contact form and another logo.

To spot the scam without clicking any link, one of the tips is to systematically check the sender’s address. This is how the editorial staff noticed that the email was not an address Spotify.

To better visualize the email and identify the scam in question, here is a screenshot of the email received:

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What should I do if I receive this type of scam message?

If you receive a message of this type and you have a slight doubt, even just a question, it is worth looking into the content in more detail before clicking, contacting the sender, calling , or, worse!, to generate a payment.

  • Do not click on the links provided in the email.
  • Do not respond to the message received either. This could in particular indicate a sign of doubt and confidence
  • The first thing to check is if you are in good standing by accessing your personal space from the application or on the website of the company concerned
  • Also check the sender of the email : in most cases, this tip helps you sort through scams
  • If you still have any doubt after these checks, do not hesitate to contact customer service by phone, chat or email by sending them screenshots of the email or text message received. In the case of real regularization, with fairly short payment deadlines, a trace of your initiative could prove your good faith and work in your favor to grant you an additional payment period.

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