Do you want to give your daughter a short name? Here are the top 2024 names in 1 or 2 syllables

In 2024, short names should be in fashion! To help you make your choice, here are the top feminine names in just 1 or 2 syllables.

Choosing your baby’s first name sometimes takes a lot of time and thought. To help you, you can rely on The Official First Names, which every year lists the most trendy first names of the coming year. In 2024, we already know that this girl’s name taken from a famous series, this ancient queen’s name and this original male name taken from the Old Testament should be very popular among young parents.

Short first names are popular in France

Among other notable trends, short first names should also be popular in the coming months. Dynamic, easy to wear and modern, they have what it takes to conquer the hearts of the French this year!

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If you’re feeling tempted by a one- or two-syllable name for your child, you’ve come to the right place. Today we’re revealing to you the top short female names that should be the most successful in 2024 (we’ve included a few classics, though, for the more traditional among you).

The top female first names in 1 or 2 syllables

According to The Official First Names 2024, here are the short names that we recommend this year if your future baby is a pretty little girl. In alphabetical order, we first find Alba, Alice, Alix, Alma, Alya, Ambre, Anna, Anouk, Aria, Ava and Aya. Yes, you will have understood that two-syllable first names starting (and sometimes even ending) with the letter “a” should become widely used!

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The first name Billie, certainly popularized by the famous American singer, is also at the top of the list. The timeless Camille and Chloé, but also the original Charlie should be very popular. Diane, the same name as Miss France 2022, as well as Éden, Ella, Ellie, Emma and Emy are also among the favorites. Esmée, like the daughter of a French artist adored by the public, Eva, Fleur, Flora, Gaby, Hope, Inès, Iris, Isla and Izia, could be given to many little girls this year. Jade, a first name loved by the French in recent years, is still very popular. We also find Jazz, Jeanne, Joy, Julia, June and Kenza.

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Names starting with the letter “l” are expected to wreak havoc among parents who like short female names. There are for example: Léna, Leya, Lila, Lily, Lina, Lise, Live, Lola, Lou, Louise, Luna or even Lya. The playgrounds could also be filled, in a few years, with Maddy, Maé, Marie, Maya, Mia, Mila, Naé, Naya, Nelya, Nina, Nora(h) and Nour. As for the end of the alphabet, it is represented by the first names Pia, Romy, Rose, Sara(h), Sasha, Sofia, Tess, Thaïs, Théa, Uma, Yaël(le), Yuna, Zélie, Zia and Zoé .

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