Doctor Who: an explosive teaser trailer for the 60th anniversary episodes

A wind of freshness and renewal will blow over Doctor Who with the return of Russell T Davies at the controlsbut before that, the showrunner will brush fans the way they want for the show’s 60th anniversary. He has indeed recast David Tennant not in his previous role, but in that ofa Fourteenth Doctor who “no longer knows who he is” and whose path will cross again that of Donna Noble (Catherine Tate). This is precisely one of the key elements of the teaser trailer that aired this Sundaya nice Christmas present, even if the wait will only be longer until next November…

In addition to donnawho obviously does not remember his adventures with the Tenth Doctor because it would kill him, we will be entitled to the return of his mother Sylvia Noble (Jacqueline King) and her husband Shaun Temple (Karl Collins). In addition, as planned, Yasmin Finney will play a certain Pink by their side and we also have the introduction of Shirley Anne Bingham (Ruth Madeley).

The mysterious character embodied by Neil Patrick Harriswhich would fit perfectly in Game Awards with his replica, shows us another of his outfits consisting of a tartan vest, a style of fabric also present on the Doctor. Coincidence? Probably not. If it has an obvious link with the theme of the show, the shop Mr Emporium in which the protagonist goes could well also be attached to him.

Several creatures are also confirmed, whose inspiration will speak to some fans. Indeed, the one using the term “monsters” seems to be a Meep (Beep or another?)while many Wrath Warriors are then shown facing a group of soldiers (UNIT ?), all from the comics Doctor Who and the Star Beast. Finally, and although it is not a question of Tenth, his cult line “Allons-y” will be back! Let’s just hope it manages to stand out from this previous incarnation.

Doctor Who specials 60th anniversary 03 25 12 2022Doctor Who specials 60th anniversary 02 25 12 2022 Doctor Who specials 60th anniversary 04 25 12 2022

By the way, if you’re not already aware, the filming of season 14 which will succeed the 60th anniversary episodes of 2023 has begunwith Ncuti Gatwa in the role of Fifteenth Doctor and Millie Gibson in that of his companion Ruby Sunday, the outfits they will wear having been revealed. Russell T Davies has incidentally revealed that it will include 8 episodes and a special for the Christmas and New Year 2024 period, without further details. We have time to see it coming, especially since the interested party intends to produce content annually without interruption from now on.

Doctor Who series 14 01 25 12 2022 Doctor Who series 14 02 25 12 2022

All future episodes of Doctor Who will be broadcast internationally on Disney+ as of November 2023. In the meantime, season 13 subtitled Flux is available for pre-order at Fnac on DVD at the price of 24.99 €.

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