Doctor Who Season 14 Starring Ncuti Gatwa Arrives Earlier Than Expected


The broadcast periods of the next episodes of Doctor Whowith David Tennant then Ncuti Gatwa, have been confirmed: if you missed the series, get ready to get your fix very soon in 2023 and 2024.

This year, Doctor Who celebrates its 60th birthday and, for the occasion, David Tennant becomes the Doctor again — Catherine Tate also returns as Donna. On the program, three special episodes, which will be on Disney + internationally – for broadcast at the same time as on the BBC. The series is now confirmed for this month of november 2023. Each episode will last one hour. Their titles:

  • The Star Beast
  • Wild Blue Yonder
  • The Giggle

But some details have also emerged on the continuation of the adventures on board the TARDIS.

The first images of season 14 suggest at least one historic episode, in costume! // Source: BBC

The return of the Christmas Special, and a season 14 in the spring

The showrunner Russel T. Davies having taken over the reins, it also marks the great return of the special Christmas episodes that he loved so much – and so do we, it must be admitted. The first “Christmas Special” of this new era is confirmed this year. Although the exact date is not confirmed, it will be in December 2023. Historically, these episodes have always been broadcast on December 25 by the BBC.

This christmas special – without title known for the moment – ​​will also be the first episode carried by Ncuti Gatwa. David Tennant, who resumes his role as the 14th doctor, will therefore give way to this 15th doctor at the end of the last and third episode of the 60th anniversary of the series.

Other big news: season 14 with Ncuti Gatwa is now scheduled for spring 2024 (so end of March at the earliest, April at the latest). Again, it’s a return to historical programming for the series: the first seasons of the new series (post-2005) were broadcast from the end of March / beginning of April on the BBC. It is quite recent (around season 6) that the broadcast was rather set on the start of the school year. In any case, this means that season 14 will be broadcast near the 60th anniversary and the Christmas Special, something to delight fans.

During this future season, Ncuti Gatwa will be accompanied by Millie Gibson, who will play the Doctor’s new traveling companion, Ruby Sunday.

We summarize:

  • Special episodes 60 years: November 2023
  • Christmas Special: December 2023
  • Season 14: Spring 2024

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