Doctor Who: you will see this actress from episode 3 again

In this episode 3 of Doctor Who, the Doctor and Ruby meet a character played by an actress who will become a recurring character in the series. SPOILERS.

The third series Doctor Who is in full swing on Disney+. After two episodes with a rather humorous tone, episode 3 marks Steven Moffat’s return to writing, with a slightly darker atmosphere. Titled Boom, this chapter of course features Ncuti Gatwa as the 15th Doctor, and his traveling companion, Ruby, played by Millie Gibson. This episode also contained a surprise in terms of casting. Warning, spoilers.

Varada Sethu in Doctor Who

The companions and traveling companions of Doctor Who change regularly. Sometimes we meet them a little bit before they join the TARDIS. This was the case for Donna, who appeared in a Christmas episode before teaming up with the Doctor the following season. The same goes for a version of the character Clara.

It seems that this is the case again. In Boom, we can see Varada Sethu. However, the actress has been confirmed as the Doctor’s new upcoming companion. She is supposed to board the TARDIS in season 2, scheduled for 2025. Her character name has never been revealed, nor even the slightest clue who she is. But, in this episode, her name is Mundy Flynn.

Varada Sethu in the Doctor Who episode Boom.  // Source: BBC
Varada Sethu in the Doctor Who episode Boom. // Source: BBC

There are many possible hypotheses. It may be a foreshadowing : a first appearance of the character, to whom we will return many episodes later. The future companion may therefore indeed be this character, and showrunner Russell T. Davies is preparing the ground for this next story with this first stone.

Another possibility is that Varada Sethu was initially cast in this role, before ultimately being cast as the new companion for the following reason. The situation would then resemble what happened to Freema Agyeman or Karen Gillan, or even Peter Capaldi, who played protagonists who had nothing to do with their future character in the series.

Regardless, Russell T. Davies had confirmed that the season 2 character played by Varada Sethu will be connected to the personal history of Ruby and the Doctor.

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Doctor Who at Abbey Road Studios.  // Source: BBCDoctor Who at Abbey Road Studios.  // Source: BBC

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