Does electronic cigarette makes cancer


Especially young women and men are affected and whether there is a cure is still unclear: Doctors sound the alarm and warn of a novel lung disease that puzzles experts. Now the first patient died.

What is this about?

Doctors in the US have found an accumulation of patients suffering from a previously unknown lung disease. In particular, teenagers and young adults are affected, according to experts from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). About 100 cases have been reported so far – whether it is the same disease in all cases is not yet certain.

What are the symptoms?

Patients complain mainly of respiratory distress and chest pain . One patient describes in US media that it feels like he’s breathing through a straw. Although the symptoms vary from patient to patient, there are many overlaps, it was said. Some sufferers also have a fever and suffer from nausea and vomiting. Whether the patients can be permanently cured is still unclear.

Update: There is even a first death. An adult American from Illinois had been taken to the clinic after the consumption of e-cigarettes with an undiagnosed respiratory disease and died here.

What causes the disease?

The trigger is just as mysterious as the disease itself – so far, there is no reliable knowledge of why the disease suddenly appears. However, a connection with so-called e-cigarettes is obvious: the parties would have indicated that they had consumed e-cigarettes with so-called liquids .

But are not e-cigarettes “healthy”?

Commonly, e-cigarettes are not considered healthy, but less harmful than traditional cigarettes. This is mainly because less carcinogenic substances are inhaled. However, experts repeatedly emphasize that so far there are hardly any long-term findings on the consumption of e-cigarettes. How unhealthy the liquids really are is not scientifically proven yet.

What is the situation in Germany?

The enigmatic new lung disease has not yet surfaced in Germany . However, this is not an all-clear signal: even if the permitted levels of nicotine in this country are lower than in the US , it may also be because such cases simply have not been recognized . Doctors in America describe the disease as very difficult to diagnose – at first it would act like a viral infection or pneumonia.