Does Olivier Véran see himself as Prime Minister? Her enigmatic answer: Current Woman The MAG

For a large part of the French, his face has become customary. And for good reason, on February 16, 2020, Olivier Véran is appointed Minister of Solidarity and Health, succeeding Agnès Buzyn, forced to take the place of Benjamin Griveaux, ousted from the municipal elections. A month later, an unprecedented health crisis hit French territory and propelled Coralie Dubost's companion to the forefront. In just six months, no less than fifteen speeches broadcast live on national television channels. Did this give new ambitions to the one who amazed by his musculature a few days ago? The Parisian went to ask him the question in his edition of February 15, 2021.

"I will be where I am deemed useful …"

If some of his collaborators portray a man "arrogant" to the ego "hypertrophy", a person close to the Socialist Party specifies all the same, with a touch of irony, that he is "not the one you want to hit first in the government". A privileged place which could lead him straight to the coveted post of Prime Minister, currently occupied by Jean Castex. Asked about this, Olivier Véran wanted to be nuanced: "I haven't finished what I want to do, but there are also a lot of topics that interest me in the public domain. I will be where I am deemed useful ", he confided to Parisian.

As can be read in the columns of the Parisian, Olivier Véran could single-handedly carry the future of the left wing of the government, "in lack of incarnation" these last years. In this regard, Olivier Véran prefers to play the rider card alone: "I'm on the left, not lecture. I have deep respect for those who think … My ideas are the fight against inequalities, my method: action ", he confided to Parisian. A perfectly tied speech … (worthy of a Prime Minister.)

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